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“Notting Hill” la infinito Madrid

Probably the best breakfast in the entire city of Madrid you will have at la infinito. I recommend it very much. I think its a great mixture of german and spanish – in the picture you see a toasted bread (Stulle), a warm toast with cheese and ham, a fresh orange juice, muesli with joghurt and some fruits and of course cafe con leche (coffee with milk). With the bread you have to choose what you like: marmelade, chocolate cream or tomato dip (the latter you see in the picture). This one is called “Notting Hill” and costs 8 Euro, for this propper start in the day its a fair price.

desayunos & meriendas
breakfast and snacks

If you are not a big breakfast person, there are tons of good cafes with small things to eat with extremly good prices. The Spanish take their time for everything and they don’t do big coffees like the big fancy international coffee places however the coffee is the best and very cheap. One good example is “noma food & bar” its in Calle infantas 44, 28004 Madrid and you get a very good coffee for 1 Euro.

cheap and fast

As I mentioned in the 5 reasons why I love Madrid there are some places where you just order a drink and they bring you free food. El tigre is one example and apparently there some places in Madrid, pick one and enjoy your drinks and free food. On their website you also can see some pictures of food and drinks to get an impression.

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el tigre – Madrid

good night dinner

The best nights out one possibly can have is with friends, am I right? Nice food, some wine or beer and conversations about all and sundry… Those evenings usually begin with no plan at all and are a lot of fun. I had a few of those in Madrid, two places I recommend for those special nights: casa alberto and la chusquery both places a bit more fancy and chic but completely worth it. You should speak at least a bit spanish to get what you need and to have a small chat with waiter and waitresses.

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In casa alberto you should try madrilenian hand of lamb, madrilenian cod as well as the grilled octopus on hummus, they where my favourites. And if you ask nicely Mario the chef will cook for you small portions of their specialities so that you can try evrything a bit. All of them in this restaurant are so cordial and kind. They will do everything possible that your night there will be never forgotten. Please make sure that you do a reservation for your date, they are well-frequented.

When you go to la chusquery please try the 12 lunes wine, it’s a very well balanced and delicious red. And  please don’t be confused or disappointed when they fill your glas, it’s not the same as in other countries. In Spain most of the times – even in smaller not wine places – they serv at the table or bar. That means, they give you a glas and bring the whole bottle and fill it right there. But the glas will always be “half full” like 0,1 l. It’s nice though I was getting used to it.