about me

claudia tioman

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With this site I want to entertain and inform you. I’d like to have a communication and exchange with you all. Also I’ll making mistakes as all human beeings do and i’d like you to be fair and square and kind. I like travelling, meeting different kinds of people and cultures, in addition to that I like good food, wine and  coffee and of course this often comes with nice people. So if you want me to meet someone or eat or drink something and write about it, let me know.

about me

I find it very hard to discribe myself. Thats why i asked some of my best, dearest, oldest friends, my family and even one ex boyfriend to send me a discription of myself – three sentences or five words. I was truely surprised at what i was gonna read. I put it together for you and hopefully you will make your own impression soon.

thoroughly honest // sincere // worldy // witty // interested // open minded //adventurer // hedonist // solid as rock // forceful // inqusitive // charismatic // absolutely crazy // loopy // creative // snappy // loveable // profound // devoted // a good friend // outgoing // spontaneous // faithful // passionate // very cheerful or in a bad mood, but most of the times outrageously happy // both party animal and couch potato // talented in investigation // talented in organisation // clarity //