The best rooftops or viewing platforms in Madrid

Madrid can be hectic and loud or simply too much – some tourists try to find their ways through the city and the locals blocking the sidewalks with their ‘I have all the time in the world’ attitude – to escape that I recommend some viewing points high over the city of Madrid.
Circulo de bellas Artes 
view from circulo de bella artes
view from circulo de bella artes

You have the most stunning view over Madrid, the Gran Via and some of the most important building of this beautiful city. Up there you breath another air, feel huge and small at the same time. You see how big this city is…image

You pay around 4 Euros to get up the rooftop, you can either take the crowded elevator or you take a lot of stairs to the 7th floor. Either way the view is amazing. Up there is a rooftop bar where you can sunbathe on a lounger, drink coffee or a fantastic cocktail. Prices are a bit more expensive than at other places but what do you expect?! Location: Alcalá 42, 28014 Madrid. For updates and the first impressions check out the website circulo de bellas artes de madrid.


Temple de Debod
temple de debod
temple de debod

I visited Madrid in November and I had the best weather. As you can imagen when you see the beautiful blue skies in these pictures. I was very lucky to discover the city with hints from friends and locals who taught me spanish for two weeks.

fountain temple de debod
fountain temple de debod

One day I walked from spanish school through the whole city, went along the Gran Via to Puerta del Sol further on Calle Mayor to the Palacio de Real Madrid. I had a look at the Theatro Real (opera). Took a look at the first christmas decorations, some shops around Sol, spend hours to see what the city had to offer. Left and right, zig zag, had a coffee at a small cafe and a final rest in the afternoon sun on the stones infront of the fountain of the Temple de Debod.

viewing platform temple de debod - sunset
viewing platform temple de debod @ sunset

The sun was going down, more and more people were gathering around that yet so quite place. Policemen on horses seemed to check if everything is in order, proud looks from horses and policemen around that slowly crowded area. One man was selling water out of a coolingbox, yelling that it was cool and fresh and cheap. I could smell the water from the fountain spraying the surrounding – it smelled like spring even though it was fall, the horses and once in a while there was a cloud of weed.

Palacio de Real Madrid
Palacio de Real Madrid

This place is for free, as long as you bring your own fresh water and a sandwich or even more, you can have a small picknick and a very great time with awesome pictures afterwards as well. As you can see, the fall is despite that it is warm and smelling like spring appearing in leafs at some trees as well as on the floor.

Location: Calle Ferraz, 1, 28008 Madrid. Metrostations: Intercambiador de Príncipe Pio or Plaza de España. More Informations about visiting hours, services and history you get on the Website from Madrid Temple de Debod Madrid.


Rooftop on universities library – Gau & Café

This part of university is a wunderful place even without the rooftop. The library is from the inside as well as from the outside architectural one of the most smashing places.  I was amazed. The combination of old and new is perfectly done, i think.

2016-02-03 17.37.46

As you see, I took the picture of this establishment later at the day, so I have to apologize. But in my opinion the view is one thing, the architecture is the most important fact on this building. Please visite this unique building and make your own opinion. If you check the internet and several feedbacks, you might not go, but i recommend to go anyway – like i did – whatever time or season it is. There was no one on this top, out of season, the view still beautiful and stunning. 

Datei 03.02.16, 22 29 03

Just think about learning and studying in this kind of surrounding – would probably not happening – would be so destracted 🙂

Location: Calle Tribulete 14, 4a Planta, Edificio Escuelas Pías (UNED), 28012 Madrid – this website is well done – 5 languages, nice pics and much more, watch yourself here Gau & café

Gran Via Gourmet temple

The last view over the city is not really a secret. It’s a crowded place with food, music and drinks. When you are in the city and need something special to eat or maybe a present for someone special or you wanna treat yourself. You should go to the gourmet temple from el corte ingles it’s on the 9th floor near the Plaza de Callao which also is a Metro station. Everything you can imagin is there – sweets, fish, tapas, vegetarian, small, big, wine, red and white, rosé, cocktails, water with and without gas 🙂 most of the times it is well filled, so take your time and be relaxed. Having some delicious seafood or tapas with a drink and then the view over the city, everything is going slower surround you.

Location: Plaza de Callao, número 2, 9ª planta, Madrid. For further information I give you the link as well: el corte ingles gourmet temple.

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