I’ve seen an UFO & somebody got kinda kidnapped

While traveling and volunteering in a hostel in Santiago de Chile I met a lot of interesting people. Now I wanna share some hopefully rare story. But when I write about this I won’t use names for security porpuses only. You will understand later – it’s story time.

2015-12-13 16.55.09

Imagine it’s a friday night in december and the sun is shining. I know I know…. You are in the capital city of Chile. Around you high moutains, some with snow tops. It’s summer and you want to go out that night. You take a shower, dress up and get a first cooling beer at the hostel roof top. Than later you meet up with other people from the hostel, you have a chat on the terrace and another beer or two. The sun makes you feel warm and cosy and you think it’s gonna be a great night. Now there is this small mixed group, they are people from the Netherlands, England, Australia, America, Brazil, New Zealand and Germany.

That’s the fun traveling, mixed groups like this from all over the world, doesn’t matter what age or gender, if you are gay or not, vegetarian or vegan, blond or brunett, what music you like or which school you went to. Traveling people are citizens of the world. I would say that night everybody was a longterm traveler. Either they are are traveling for some month or they are going to. Some of them didn’t even have a return ticket to where ever home is. What what is home anyway? But I get off the track.

2015-12-10 20.23.08

So that group I discribed earlier, they decide to go into a club in the University area. There is one street called “Pio Nono” where a lot of bars and clubs are. There is a party almost every day. In the club they start drinking and dancing. Short time later some chilean girls start to dance with some of the boys of our group. They having fun, drinks and dances with girls. At one point it was early in the morning, almost sunrise and one guy ended up having a good time with one of the girls. He is about to leave with her and some friend of hers. He mentions that he’s living in a hostel nearby and he knows outside guests are not allowed but she responds no lets take a taxi and we go to my house. He thinks, well “¿por que no…?” (#porqueno – why not) and goes with it. At that point he notices that it was more or less a conversation with some individual words and lots of gesticulation. As they were troped off he recognizes that there was no other friend in the taxi and they went way out of the city he knows.


He asks her: Are you living with you friends?  And she says: No with my family. Probably more like: casa con amigos? no, familia. Something like that… Later they were talking to each other via google translater because he does not speak spanish and unfortunately she doesn’t speak english. Good requirement – as you can imagine. Well, they go into the house and she wants to start the action in the bathroom. He thinks, okay bathroom it is.


Suddenly a knock at  the bathroom door. It was her mother. The girl introduced him to her mother right there. And she seems as weird as it sounds pretty fine with this situation. Gave him a towl for the shower and said somethings he did not understand to her daughter. After this small break they went on in her room. The next day – still talking through google translater on her phone because he did not had wifi – he tried to make sure he gets home to the hostel.

And here comes in my part. I woke up and couldn’t find him, so I wrote him asking where he is and if he is alive, because nobody at the hostel have seen him this morning. So I got a bit worried. After some hours – at that time it was midday already – I got a message via facebook from a girl I did not know: Hey Claudia its me (…) I’m alive… But I’m not in Santiago…I don’t know where I am but safe I think. Things got crazy last night I will explain if and when I make it back. *Me: Serious? Looking forward hearing your story. Are you on your way back? He: I have no idea where it is or where i am being taken. No I am not. *Me: Are you with that girl? He: This is how I die. *Me: You will not die. But no alcohol for you mister. 🙂 He: No more. *Me: But isn’t she driving you to the city? Does she speak english? He: No and no. *Me: But where are you going? He: I’m using her phone for internet and google translate. And I don’t know. *Me: This is so funny. But seriously she has to drive you back. He: It gets better trust me I’ll save it to see your face. *Me: Do you have a tattoo on your but? 6

He: Not that I know of. The club was one block from home? *Me: Yes. He: And now I’m at least 1 1/2 hours drive from Santiago. LOL at my life. *Me: I am sitting on the terrace and LMAO. He: I will tell you later *Me: Yes. He: You will be required to give me cuddles. So I don’t feel so bad. *Me: Ok. He: Hey I think I’m getting a bus from where ever I am back to Santiago at 6. Should make it home today. *Me: Do you have to work? He: The night shift. yeah.

This conversation goes from 12:30 to 17:30 and I left out some of the funny emojis from FB to be honest. The night shift strats at 22:00 and ends at 08:00 in the morning.


But that’s not everything – there is a another level. At one point he thought they are going to the city, but the parents took their seats at the back of the car. He thought, well, they maybe need also a ride into the city. But they were not going to the city, they were driving to another family kinda dinner hours away.


The table was all set up, there was even a plate for him at that table, they knew he was coming. When he tells her over and over again via google translater he has to go back because he had to work, she said, no thats impossible. There was a moment he considered stealing the car and driving off. Of course he didn’t but it took a lot of nerves and convincing her that she moves from that family dinner to take him to the next bus station which was out there and not near at all.


He came around 8 pm and told the whole story, then his shift started. Everybody in this hostel was wondering were he was and he had to tell this story for everybodies amusement over and over again. No human was permanently harmed, this story is published with the protagonists consent and I thank Holly very much for drawing this beautiful and funny pics to enhance my writings. And because this took so much time and space so far, I skip the UFO story, but I promise I saw it – there is footage.

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