Traveling makes you think…

It’s just you and me who know what we are to each other, with each other, what things we share, what thoughts we have, we know, what we’ve been through, what we talk about, what we dream of, what fights we have or not. We can’t change people’s thoughts or opinions, they make their own minds up pretty fast without asking our doubting their ideas. Because it’s easy and they are used to it. They’ve done it all the times and they are judging, thinking they are better or they know better. They even bet on us to fail because in their minds we are quitter, looser or betrayer.

But that’s not life, that’s not love. Love is complicated, it’s work, every relationship, every friendship, relations between colleagues, every family, people you just met as well as the romantic kinds. You feel and see, you touch and talk, laugh and share thoughts, stories, arguments, friends, wines, beers, meals, vacations and even beds.
Every human being has its own self, individual past, their own life, rare moments, good and bad, funny and sad, their own ideas & dreams, but things can change. All of that has an impact on you, your soul and mind. Every person you meet, might change the way you think or go or talk.
You can grow together or loose somebody on this path. You can do it on your own, lots of things are important to do in your in own, with yourself but there are a lot of things you can’t or are better with company. If you are happy with yourself, did everything you wanted to do, you have no regrets, when you live your life like you always imagined, you smile into the world, when you don’t hold a grudge, you let people be. You accept humans like they are. Of course that’s not an easy thing to do all the time, but if you are aware it’s close. If you do and act like you expect people behave around & with you, you will probably live a proper and happy life. But again, things can change, that’s life, it’s not standstill or stagnation, it’s movement, it’s new and exciting every minute, moment, month…you have to accept that, if you do it’s easier. Because that’s how it is.

Especially with romantic, sexual and intimate relationships. You have to accept the other individual, with all it has to offer. Let it go and it will come back, sometime you have to go to find something new. It’s not important how far or where you go, it can be just around a corner you have never been, a backyard or next door. You can’t change people, but you can accept, love and adore what they have to give, even when it’s not yours. The only thing you can change if you want change, is you. Your situation, your job, your relations, your friends, your habits, your thoughts, opinions, it is your life! But if you think about this, this is what is the most interesting thing about life, how boring and fade would it be if everybody would be the same. That makes it colorful and exciting. That is the spice in every life or relationship: You!

life is wonderful
life is wonderful


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