When they wouldn’t let me on the plane…

There was a point where I thought it’s not meant to be. So many obstacles should show me to cancel the whole trip. But I will start at the beginning and try to make it as short as possible. About 15 days ago I was at the airport in Madrid to finally go of to Chile. I went to the counter and this nice woman asked me if I had a ticket to show that i am gonna leave Chile after latest 90 days. I said no, because I didn’t know that I will need it and well I did not make plans that far ahead – I did not know if I’ll make a trip to Argentinia or Bolivia and if I would do that I’ll have another 90 days, lots of tourists and traveller doing it to renew their visas, it’s a common procedure. I told her that. She spoke to a colleague to make sure that she was right and for some reason they told me I had to get something like that. I couldn’t believe it because a lot of people travelling do not know when they are going and where – that’s kind of what travelling most of the times is about, right?!

Since the internet at the airport did not work for my phone I had to put a lot of money into an internet machine and all those sites I found were in spanish and there was no option to buy online, so I tried to call my contacts in Spain and Chile to give me help or advice. At one point I got a phone number from a buscompany in Santiago but nobody picked up the phone. For over two hours I tried to figure out a way to finally fly to Santiago. I tried believe me.

Five minutes before the gates were closing the lady came to me and reminded me of the time. I asked her once again if there is another possibility, flying tomorrow or something, because its not possible to book a busticket online. Then she disappeared again. It felt like very last minute and she must have seen my desperation, she came to me and said: okay we take you. I checked in, run to the gates where the staff already waited for me. I sat down and we waited and waited…

Evidently there was a big storm over Amsterdam where I should make a stop and change to another plane. I had a bit more than one hour time for this one. But as I arrived the plane I just was so happy finally sitting in the seat that I didn’t care about the storm. Well I’m from Northern Germany I know storm, I don’t care not even when I’m in the plane. This plane was completely sold out, so there were over 200 people going from Madrid to Amsterdam and since Amsterdam is a hugh Airport where a lot of long-distance flights are leaving I just assume that almost everybody  had to get a connection.

storm over Amsterdam

So I was running my ass of to get my plane and probably grew some more grey hairs and then we we are sitting in this plane and do not move for over one and a half hour. Seriously? Eventually we startet but I was pretty sure that I will miss my connection flight. Indeed it was a rough flight – 200 people holding on to the front seats and sending prayers. Almost there we had to fly another half hour over Rotterdam because of course there was only one landing stripe we could land or take of. Amsterdam is hugh, did I mentioned it before?

warm meal
warm meal

As we were landing I got the info that I will get my connection when I run. It was a half marathon to go to my gate. I arrived at the gate and again they were waiting and waving with hands. One good thing so far the flight attendets were very nice and friendly. And one of them always refilled my waterbottle. And finally I got something warm to eat and it was not the worst. It was very late, I put on a movie, ate my dinner and fell asleep. After some hours I was awake looked at my phone for the time and it was around 9:00 in the morning, I slept at least 7h. We all got breakfast and the information that there will be a stop in Buenos Aires, everybody got out they changed the crew and passenger to Santiago de Chile had to go through the whole security check again which took minimum one hour. I was on the right continent 🙂 we flew over the Andes from Buenos Aires to Santiago.

2015-11-30 14.23.11-2

This view made everything at that point. And they seemed endless. As I was finally in Santiago guess what happened? …Right – they’ve lost my luggage. But to balance everything that happened in the last 20 hours they would send it to my hostel. That was good, so I did not had to pack myself like a donkey in 30ºC.

Welcome to BellaVistaHostel
Welcome to BellaVistaHostel

I did it – I was in Santiago and arrived at the hostel. I’m here in Santiago for 16 days. The Bella Vista Hostel I recommend very much, the beds are so comfy, they have nice staff and the highlight is the rooftop terrace. The whole Bella Vista area of Santiago is a good one, a lot of young people, lots of restaurants, bars and clubs. You can go out almost every night and people do. Its nearly like Madrid. In the street called “Pio Nono” are always people, but I recommend the smaller and less crowded streets around this area left and right. These streets are calmer, restaurants a bit better and chic.

Just one more – I’ve been here now for a long time and asked alot around. Nobody had a ticket to another country, nobody heard that ever before. And some even say its not possible to buy the cheap and real tickets online from another country outside south america. I will check that again.

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